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Get the New Nissan Altima at Selma Nissan

There is no better place to get your hands on the new 2019 Nissan Altima than your local Nissan dealer, Selma Nissan! Here at Selma Nissan, we have always felt that the best business comes from the ability to do things differently. In every business there is always a way to improve, which is why when establishing the Selma Auto Mall, we did things in a way we had never seen before. In a community where you know your grocery store clerk, it is important that a business like us to be able to relate to the family values that so many of our customers live by. At Selma Nissan, the many members of our sales team are experienced and eager to not only help you find the perfect car for the perfect price but provide you with a car buying experience that you will enjoy and want to share with others. We know that our customers are well prepared and as car people, we are ready to accept your challenge and undoubtedly beat your expectations every time. Another important aspect for us was location. We are located centrally right off of the 99 in 93662, Selma, so that we are easily accessible to people like you all over the Central Valley and beyond.

            At Selma Nissan, we are proud to present our impressive selection of brand new Nissan vehicles, including the 2019 Nissan Altima. The new Altima is the showcase of our latest technology. This vehicle was created with the intention of heightening your driving experience, and with driver assistance and intelligent all wheel drive, the Altima responds to the real world around you for the confidence you need on the road. The Altima features the world’s first variable compression turbo engine that can deliver power and fuel efficiency never seen before without batting an eye.